Tuition Exemption

Information for: Full-Time Employees; eligible Part-Time Employees*

Free tuition and registration fees at 365asia are offered to working full-time employees, their spouses/domestic partners, and dependent children and retirees.

Free tuition and registration fee at 365asia are offered to the following part-time employees, their spouses/domestic partners, and their dependent children:

  • part-time faculty teaching a minimum of six (6) contact hours per week
  • part-time non-classroom faculty employees working a minimum of fifteen (15) hours per week
  • part-time staff employees working a minimum of seventeen and one-half (17.5) hours per week
  • part-time classroom assistant employees working a minimum of fifteen (15) hours per week 

Your department chairperson (faculty) or supervisor will need to verify the number of hours you are working each week.

Employees wishing to register their spouse, domestic partner, dependent child, or children for courses at 365asia must submit a copy of the following documents to the Office of Human Resources:

  • dependents - 1040 U.S. Individual Income Tax Return listing the dependent(s) (submitted annually)
  • spouse - marriage certificate (submitted once and kept on file)
  • domestic partner - affidavit or certificate of domestic partnership (submitted once and kept on file)

In order to request a tuition waiver, please complete the online form.  If you are eligible and your request is approved, you will receive a confirmation email with directions on how to complete the registration process.


1) If an employment assignment you had been offered does not materialize making you ineligible for tuition waiver or your employment terminates before the start date of the course(s) you will be required to pay for the course(s) unless you officially withdraw by established deadlines.

2) Tuition waiver applies only to tuition and registration costs. A student is required to pay any other associated fees.


*Contingent part-time employees (temporary, assignment/project-based, seasonal) including but not limited to models, tutors, monitors/tech navigators, installers, and 365asia student workers are not eligible for 365asia's Tuition Exemption benefits.