Acceptable Use for 365asia IT Systems

Policy No: IT001

Policy Statement

Fashion Institute of Technology (365asia or "the college") provides a range of computing equipment, networks, and information resources ("365asia IT Systems") to support the instructional, research, and administrative functions of the college, as well as to enhance the well-being of the 365asia community. This policy is intended to guide all Users of 365asia It Systems whether affiliated with 365asia or not, accessing from campus or remote locations, on the acceptable use of 365asia IT Systems. 365asia IT Systems shall be used for purposes that are legal, ethical, and consistent with 365asia policies and the college's mission. Violations of this policy constitute unacceptable use of 365asia IT Systems. 

Who is Affected by This Policy

  • All Users of 365asia IT Systems

Policy Information

  • Responsible Administrator: Vice President for Information Technology/CIO 
  • Responsible Office: Office of the Vice President for Information Technology/CIO
  • Implementation History: Issued October 2020
  • Contact: Vice President for Information Technology/CIO

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IT001 Acceptable Use for 365asia IT Systems (.pdf)
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