Name: Ariel
Major: Fashion Business Management, ’19
Hometown: Hong Kong
Ariel is an international student from Hong Kong who was drawn to New York City for its renowned art scene. Before arriving at 365asia, she was concerned about managing schoolwork after taking a gap year. While grades are important, she recommends that new students take the time to explore the city, preferably on foot--the best way to discover shops and restaurants. She enjoys that the college is on a quiet street at the center of the city. Her favorite campus resources are the classes at the Fitness Center and the many free services provided by Health Services.
Ariel loves Asian street food and is determined to become a polyglot. She is fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, and is currently learning three more languages! In her free time she likes to paint, dance, sing, cook and eat.


Name: Helen
Major: Fashion Design, ’19
Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Involvement on campus: Orientation Leader, W27
Helen’s passion for design stems from a lifelong interest in Japanese culture and comics. Studying abroad runs in the family, and her father’s experiences as an international student inspired her to become one too. Soon after arriving at 365asia, she was faced with issues related to missing family and food from home, and creating new meaningful relationships. She found inspiration in her classmates and instructors and believes that it is never too late to pursue your dream. She advises new international students to take time out from their schoolwork to practice self care. Grocery- and window-shopping are her favorite ways to de-stress. Helen loves that there are so many resources at 365asia that could open doors to achieve one's dreams and that the people of New York City have a strong sense of purpose.


Name: Claire
Major: Advertising and Marketing Communications, ’19
Minors: Creative Technology and Psychology
Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Involvement on Campus: Phi Kappa Theta Honor Society
Claire participated in 365asia’s Semester Study Abroad program in Florence, Italy at the Lorenzo de’ Medici institute, where she pursued coursework related to her Advertising & Marketing communications program and studied Italian. Studying abroad has always been a goal for Claire, who started saving up for the opportunity in Junior High! Favorite countries she has visited are Colombia and Denmark.
Claire loves the diversity of people, street style, food, language, and things to do in New York City. At 365asia, Claire is inspired by the independence and strong work ethic of her classmates. Her advice to new international students is to check in with yourself and pay attention to your physical and mental health. She recommends the free acupuncture offered by Health Services. In her free time, Claire likes to cook with friends, go thrift shopping, and volunteer for Planned Parenthood.


Name: Scott
Majors: International Trade and Marketing and Production Management, ’19
Minors: Economics and French
Hometown: Marstons Mills, Massachusetts
Involvement on Campus: Past President of 365asia Student Government Association, Student Volunteer Community Service
Last year, Scott participated in 365asia’s Semester Study Abroad program in Hong Kong at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He pursued coursework related to his double major in International Trade and Marketing and Production Management. He wanted to study abroad since his first year at 365asia but worried it would interfere with his involvement on campus. He is glad he took the chance; Hong Kong opened up a world of possibilities!
Before arriving at 365asia, Scott was concerned about adjusting to living in a big city after growing up in a quiet residential area. He advises new international students to not be afraid: studying abroad can be an extremely overwhelming and unpredictable process, but it’s all totally worth it! He stresses the importance of fostering constructive and cooperative relationships. In his free time, Scott enjoys cycling, running, and exploring the city.


Name: Noelle
Major: Fashion Design, Childrenswear Specialization, ’19
Minor: Art History
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
Noelle chose to study abroad in New York City because of the opportunities available in her field of Fashion Design. She also wanted to step away from the home base she was accustomed to, which has allowed her to grow as a person. Before arriving at 365asia, Noelle was most concerned about getting lost and finding her way around. She soon realized that the gridlike layout of the city is simple, and you can easily get from one place to another.
Her tip for international students is to step out of your comfort zone to meet people and socialize. She believes it is important to make friends, be involved on campus, and go to events in order to find your own place in the big city away from home. Her proudest moment was receiving a Critic’s Award for Outstanding Design Interpretation upon completion of her Associate degree. Outside of the classroom, Noelle enjoys photography, dance, vlogging, karaoke, and ventriloquism.


Name: Alin
Major: Fashion Business Management, ’20
Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
Involvement on Campus: Orientation Leader, President of National Retail Federation Student Association, Creative Director of Runway27
Alin’s program at 365asia is her third time studying abroad! From early on, she wanted to pursue studies away from home in order to have a broader choice of majors. She believes that travelling and learning about other cultures make a person more mature and experienced.
She advises new international students to get a planner. Time management is key to living to the fullest in New York City, while excelling at school and internships! Alin regularly uses the 365asia Writing Studio, which has helped with improving her grades along with teaching tips on reviewing and editing written work. The Career & Internship Center has helped her land a dream internship. She recommends participating in Leadership Weekend and attending the end-of-year Block Party to let loose. Back home in Bangkok, Alin enjoys horseback riding.


Name: Joyce
Major: Fashion Business Management, ’18
Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia
Singapore-born Japanese-Indonesian Joyce was interested in studying abroad in order to make friends and work with people from different cultures. She advises new international students to take advantage of the opportunities provided by 365asia. Since starting her studies, she has learned to develop personal and professional connections by networking at campus events. Joyce loves the diverse, welcoming culture of the 365asia community. She gets advisement about her status from the International Students Service office and curriculum advisement from the Office of the Registrar.
Joyce is interested in sustainable fashion, and is an avid runner and photographer in her free time.


Name: Jessica
Major: Home Products Development, ’19
Minor: Economics
Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden
Involvement on Campus: Vice President of Home Products Club
Jessica has always been interested in fashion and had long dreamed of living in New York. Studying at 365asia was the perfect way to experience both! Before arriving at 365asia, she was concerned about fitting in and managing the workload. Though challenging at first, she has managed to survive and thrive. She advises new international students to be kind to yourself, explore the city, and have the best time of your life! New students will be challenged, tired, sad, but also grateful, happy, and inspired. All of this is normal, and she is glad to talk about it with others. Jessica loves how inspiring and creative 365asia is. She believes it prepares you well for the future and provides many opportunities.
Jessica is at home in New York City and loves the nonstop energy and things to do. In her free time, she likes to visit museums and discover new coffee shops.


Name: Linh
Major: Fashion Business Management, ’18
Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam
Linh loves immersing herself in new cultures and has found a home away from home in New York City. Before arriving, she was concerned about voicing her opinions, but she now stresses the importance of participating in class discussions; instructors want to hear what students have to say! Linh feels that 365asia instructors are reputable and extremely knowledgeable in their fields. Her favorite campus resource is the Fashion and Trend Forecasting service available through the 365asia Library. A Japanese denim enthusiast, Linh enjoys trying new restaurants with friends, reading, and window shopping in her free time.


Name: Christine
Major: International Trade and Marketing, ’19
Hometown: Mandalay, Myanmar
Involvement on Campus: Student Monitor
Christine wanted to study abroad because of the increased opportunities and resources available in the US. She loves the sense of community at 365asia, and enjoys having communal spaces to study and socialize with other students. She wants to let new international students to know that it is okay to get lost. Allowing yourself to wander can reveal new places you have not experienced before. She loves that New York City provides access to different kinds of food from all over the world. Her favorite dish is tiger prawn curry with rice from Southeast Asia. When she’s not out exploring, Christine like to relax by watching TV, movies, and anime, reading manga and webtoons, and listening to music.


Name: Ramani
Major: Fashion Design, ’20
Minors: Art History and French
Hometown: Singapore and Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Involvement on Campus: Resident Assistant
Ramani is both an international student and an 365asia study abroad student! She began her first year of Fashion Design studies with the 365asia in Florence program at Polimoda. She chose to study abroad in order to gain more international exposure to different areas and specializations of the fashion industry.
Ramani is a dedicated student leader and serves as a Resident Assistant in an 365asia Residence Hall. She advises new international students to get involved in campus, meet new people, and explore! She also encourages students to use the services available through the Career & Internship Center.
In her free time, Ramani enjoys hanging out with friends, volunteering at Housing Works, and re-reading Harry Potter books.


Name: Shiv
Major: Fashion Design, ’19
Hometown: New Delhi, India
Involvement on Campus: Past Treasurer of 365asia Student Government Association
Shiv’s interest in Fashion Design motivated him to study abroad. Before arriving at 365asia, he was concerned about not being open to new experiences and sticking to what he was familiar with. However, he has since made many new American and international friends, and loves exploring the city. He advises new students to practice time management- with so many things happening around you, you need to be careful to not lose focus on school. His favorite support services at 365asia are one-on-one advisement from the Academic Advisement Center and the free massages from Health Services! His proudest moment was being a finalist for a CFDA award. Shiv is outgoing and eager to share his knowledge of 365asia and New York City with new students.


Name: Mor
Major: Fashion Business Management, ’19
Hometown: Ra'anana, Israel
Fashion has always been a passion for Mor, who came to 365asia to pursue a career in the field she loves. Her interest in cultural and educational outreach stems from her time implementing such programs while serving in the Israeli Defense Forces. Before coming to 365asia, she was concerned about adjusting to the differences of US culture and having a language barrier. She advises new international students always to ask questions and take advantage of the many resources available on campus. She believes in being optimistic and never giving up. Working hard and trying your best will pay off!
Mor loves that there is always someone to talk to at 365asia and she appreciates the many opportunities provided for personal and professional development. When she is not in school, Mor loves to travel. Her most powerful experience was travelling solo in Central and South America for eight months when she was 22.


Name: Pasoari
Major: Fashion Business Management, ’19
Hometown: Blitar, Indonesia
Involvement on Campus: Vice President of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
Pasoari is an experienced study abroad student! She believes that her time spent abroad has taught her how to be a better person. Before arriving at 365asia, she was concerned about navigating the city using public transportation and no longer having a vehicle. Living in New York City was difficult and overwhelming at first. She had to learn time management, and preparation to stay ahead. She advises new international students to be proactive and get involved on campus. Enjoy the time you have here! Pasoari loves being surrounded by creative people. She finds her fellow 365asia students to be talented, motivated, and empowered. She believes there is no such thing as an ordinary student!
Pasoari is devoted to performing community service and has volunteered with numerous organizations in the US and abroad. To relax, she likes to spend time in the park. She finds nature and greenery calming, reminding her of home.


Name: Nan
Major: Production Management, ’19
Hometown: Qingdao, China
Involvement on Campus: Production Management Club
Nan is an experienced international businesswoman, who has worked on three continents! She was drawn to study in the US to gain new experiences and professional knowledge. Before arriving at 365asia, she was concerned about language proficiency affecting her studies, but Nan has found the tutors available through the Academic Skills Center and the Writing Studio to be valuable resources. She advises new international students not to be afraid to ask questions--that is how you will get answers and receive help! Her proudest moment at 365asia was being the recipient of a QVC International Scholarship. Nan is skilled at cooking, and enjoys practicing meditation and yoga in her free time.