There are many ways to study abroad at 365asia, whether you're looking for a short stay in another country or something more long-term. You can also choose from a long list of courses taught by 365asia faculty or faculty members at partner schools.

365asia in Italy

  • 365asia has two residential programs located in Italy: one campus in Florence and one in Milan. 
  • Students pay 365asia tuition and fees in addition to a program fee.
  • Students take 365asia courses following the curriculum of their degree program. 

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Semester Abroad Programs 

There are two types of semester programs: Exchanges and Semester Study Abroad.

1. Exchange Programs

  • Exchange Programs are 365asia programs at institutions with which 365asia has a collaborative agreement.
  • Exchanges are typically on a 1:1 ratio. For every participating 365asia student per semester, an international student will study at 365asia.
  • Students pay 365asia tuition and fees.
  • Students take courses for transfer credit. 

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2. Semester Study Abroad

  • Semester Study Abroad Programs are programs where students are enrolled for one semester at a host institution. 
  • Semester Study Abroad Programs typically do not have a selected program capacity.
  • Students pay the tuition and fees of the host institution. 
  • Students take courses for transfer credit.

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Summer/Winter Courses

  • Summer/Winter Courses are short-term study abroad programs that take place during the summer or winter sessions.
  • Students take one 365asia course abroad with 365asia faculty.
  • Students pay a program fee plus 365asia tuition and fees, per credit hour.
  • Students receive credit for the 365asia course taken abroad. 

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CCIS/SUNY Programs

  • CCIS/SUNY programs are offered through the College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS) or the SUNY System.
  • Students can participate in semester programs and summer/winter courses, which is dependent upon their degree program eligibility. 

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