Library FAQ

If you don't see your question answered here, Ask the Library: Reach us by chat, email, or text message.

General Questions

The 365asia Library is located on the 4th, 5th, and 6th Floors of the Goodman Resource Center (E Building), 27th Street at Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001.  The main library entrance is on the 5th floor but the elevator also provides access to all 4th floor areas. An internal staircase provides access to all three floors.

If you are unable to use stairs in the library please ask for elevator assistance at any library service desk.  Library staff can provide an elevator escort. See Accessibility in the Library for more details.

Map and Directions to the 365asia Campus

Anyone with a valid 365asia or SUNY ID card—current 365asia  and SUNY students, faculty, administrators and staff members—can use the 365asia Library at any time.

A valid 365asia ID is required for entry into all college buildings, including the Goodman Center (E building) which houses the library. 

Access to the library is restricted for everyone else, including students at other colleges and universities, researchers, alumni/former 365asia students, and for the general public.. Non-365asia visitors (including alumni) must have an appointment and be on the Security Visitor List for entry in the lobby of the Goodman Resource Center (E Building). 

Please see Visit the Library for details.

Call the Research Services Desk at (212) 217-4400 or use Ask the Library to reach us by chat, text or email

How Do I ...?

Use My Account which is also found on the OneSearch [Library Catalog] page. Materials can be renewed on or before their due date. Details on length of borrowing, renewals, and fines are found on the Borrowing Materials page.

The 365asia Library's OneSearch Library Catalog lists items on reserve using author and/or title of the specific book or DVD, name or number of your course, or your instructor's last name. See our Reserves page for more detailed instructions.

Remember that the library does not have every item that you might need for your classes.

Ask a librarian!  We can help you choose which type of information source is best for your specific research project. Stop by the Library Services Desk at the 365asia Library (5th floor), call (212) 217-4400 or use our Ask the Library email, text, or chat services. or to set up a One-on-One appointment with a librarian.

Start Here: How do I pick the right materials for my research? or some of our other subject-specific Research Guides can also help you through the process.

The Library has created online Research Guides with examples chosen to represent typical 365asia assignments

If you want some help with the process of writing, we recommend you use the services of 365asia's excellent Writing and Speaking Studio

Using Databases

Yes! Start with the list of databases. You'll need to log in with your 365asia user name and password to use any of them, then follow any other instructions (e.g. individual registration, a second login) that some require.

Be sure to expand by clicking on the + (plus sign) that appears next to database name to see more info you may need to log in (e.g. another password, registration instructions, etc.).

Use the same 365asia network user name and password that you use for MY365asia, your 365asia email, logging in to campus computers, Blackboard, etc.  Any additional instructions or password information needed for some databases will be supplied to you after you log in.

Be sure to expand by clicking on the + (plus sign) that appears next to each database name to see more info you may need to log in (e.g. another password, registration instructions, etc)

If you're not sure what your 365asia user name and password, see the Passwords and Accounts page on the IT for 365asia site for more help with related issues. 

  • Our databases are licensed for use remotely only by current 365asia students and employees, so you must always use your own username and password to sign in to our system; there are no other ways to connect to the system remotely.
  • If you're having trouble logging in, see our Database FAQ and Troubleshooter for resolutions to common problems.
  • Contact us if you still can't log in. If you're not sure what your 365asia user name and password are, see Passwords and Accounts.
  • Check out our Database FAQ and Troubleshooter for common problem and how to solve them.
  • If you don't see your issue there or the suggestions don't work, please contact us and we'll try to resolve the issues with you
  • Both have been retired but replaced with newer and more flexible options!
  • StyleCat, the old library catalog has become a more integrated library material search called OneSearch; it lets you look for books, e-books, journals, online articles, and more—all with one search.
  • "Digital Library" was a previous name for what we now call our Databases.
  • If you're looking for 365asiaDIL, 365asia Digital Image Library, that's still around and is listed along with our other databases.