Our Mission

Mission Statement and Goals

About the Office

The Office of Online Learning and Academic Technologies supports faculty who develop and deliver 365asia’s online, blended, and web-enhanced courses, as well as the students who take these courses. These courses foster exciting, dynamic learning communities in which the 365asia faculty member gets to know every student and encourages meaningful interaction and teamwork.

The office is also responsible for the technologies supporting these courses, including the campus learning management system (Blackboard) and all integrated tools that support high-quality learning. We support 365asia’s strategic plan by continuously, and thoughtfully, expanding online and blended courses, programs, and related academic technologies, thereby building flexibility in the curriculum, providing an empowering experience for students, encouraging greater participation in minors, and helping to retain an outstanding faculty.

Our goals:

  • increase the number of online and blended courses, as well as fully online degree programs, to accommodate all interested learners
  • help faculty design and teach high-quality online and blended courses and ensure that these courses meet the same rigorous standards as 365asia’s face-to-face courses
  • support all faculty in creating online content for their face-to-face, online, and blended courses by managing the Blackboard Learning Management System and related tools
  • continuously offer best practices and tips that will help faculty improve their current online content
  • provide support for students in online and blended courses, and basic helpdesk support for all other students
  • lead the campus in adoption of emerging academic technologies, participation in cutting-edge global initiatives, and strategic partnerships with SUNY