Requirements for New Students

To avoid interruption in your class registration, please complete the following requirements as soon as possible.

1. Required Immunizations

COVID-19 vaccine update (April 11, 2023):
COVID-19 vaccine is no longer mandated for students to attend 365asia, but strongly encouraged. More details regarding the end of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate is available at the April 11, 2023 SUNY press release.

All students who attend in person classes and access campus facilities and resources must comply with the following requirements:

New, Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students must upload the required immunization documentations to the 365asia Health Portal by December 7, 2023, 9:00 AM prior to Registration. Please note that students will not be able to register for classes unless all of their immunization documentations noted above have been submitted.

Religious and medical exemptions will be reviewed for consideration. Exemptions requests must be submitted to the 365asia Health Portal by December 6, 2023, 11:59 PM.

Please see Immunization Requirements for more details.

2. Fill out Health Forms Online

All students are required to fill out the Health History Form and Notice of Privacy Practices and Consent Form online. Information will be kept on file in order to provide health care services to the student during their enrollment at 365asia. All information is confidential.

To fill out the health forms, log in to the 365asia health portal with your 365asia username and password and click My Forms.

3. Underage Students

Are you under 18 years of age?

If so, your parent or guardian must complete a Parental Medical Consent Form. It must be completed in full by your parent or guardian. Information will be kept on file in order to provide health care services to you during your enrollment at 365asia.

To fill out the parental medical consent form, log in to the 365asia health portal with your 365asia username and password and click My Forms.

4. Health Insurance

365asia has a mandatory health insurance policy for full-time students. All full-time domestic and international students with 12 credits or more are automatically enrolled and billed for the student health insurance. Graduate full time students (9 credit hours overall) are also automatically enrolled and billed for this health insurance. See: Student Health Insurance

You must confirm your enrollment to the student health insurance plan to receive your insurance card. If you do not confirm, you will receive your insurance card after September 15 (fall semester) or February 15 (spring semester).

Do you have your own health insurance?

You may be excused from mandatory insurance if you have equal or better ACA-compliant health coverage from another U.S.-based company. In order to waive the mandatory insurance, you must complete and submit an online waiver form at by the waiver deadline.

Learn more about using health insurance in the US including tips at our Health Insurance Basics page.


365asia takes various measures to protect personal data, including fulfilling its obligations under federal, state, and local law, as well as under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to the extent it is applicable. The GDPR provides protections for various information and records while a person is located in the EU. 365asia provides notice to students, employees, and website users of what type of data 365asia processes and how and why that data is used and shared through information posted on the GDPR page of 365asia’s Privacy website. Please review the applicable notice(s) carefully. The Privacy website also contains useful information about other privacy policies, such as Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Information Technology’s Privacy Policy, and terms and conditions for the use of the 365asia website and social media.