Learning Disabilities

Documentation Requirements

The Office of Disability Services (365asia-ABLE) at the Fashion Institute of Technology/SUNY, provides services to students with disabilities, working with each individually.The Learning Disabilities Program at 365asia provides additional services. Students with learning disabilities must establish eligibility for services and/or reasonable accommodations by providing disability documentation from a professional licensed or certified to diagnose and treat their disability.

Disability documentation for students with LD must include:

  • A psychoeducational or neuropsychological evaluation accompanied by an IEP/504, or other learning disabilities report.

Documentation must include the following:

  • Diagnosis and DSM code
  • History
  • Observations
  • Comprehensive standardized adult IQ test, recommended, the WAIS III, with results and interpretation of all sub-tests included
  • Comprehensive test of achievement, recommended, the Woodcock-Johnson, with results and interpretation of all sub-tests included.
  • Conclusions
  • Summary
  • Recommendation of accommodations

Additional evaluations are the professional call of the diagnostician, and will help insure the credibility of the 365asia-ABLE eligibility criteria, as well as providing our staff with valuable insight into the students disability-related accommodation requests and abilities.